Mr. V8 44/8

ABBA Number: 951483
Date of Birth: 10/8/2016
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                    +JDH Sire Avery Manso
SIRE: MR. V8 194/7
                    +Miss V8 464/6

                    +Mr. V8 380/6
DAM: MISS V8 636/7
                    Miss V8 779/5

Mr. V8 44/8 was the Lot 1 lead off bull in the November 2018 V8 Ranch Bull sale, bred by Ann Catherine Cutrer and selling to Chad Eaton of CE Cattle Company. This all around versatile Brahman bull is an excellent candidate for AI in purebred Brahman and crossbreed herds.

In the 2018 sale, he was the #1 highest Power Rated bull of the sale, and the #2 best carcass bull of the sale. He has outstanding performance in weaning and yearling yet is still qualified as a "low birthweight" bull with an actual BW of 78 pounds. He ranks in the top 2% of the Brahman breed for WW, yW and top 1% of the breed for carcass weight and REA and top 3% for marbling.

Phenotypically he is very big boned, deep bodied, and is a larger framed bull.
He has a log of muscling, bone, high growth, and a dark pigment.

His dam is an outstanding V8 380 daughter who was a former show heifer that Annie Cutrer purchased from a junior exhibitor. His sire, V8 194/7, is owned half-interest by BR Cutrer, Inc. and is known for consistently siring top performing bulls that work in both Brahman and commercial programs.


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