Muscular. Majestic. One-of-a-kind. You know a Brahman Country Brahman bull when you see one. We offer access to the world’s best Brahman beef cattle to use in AI or ET in herds across the world. Here are a few of our FAQs.
General Questions
Semen Questions

General Questions

What is Brahman Country Genetics?

Brahman Country Genetics LLC specializes in stud bulls, bull semen, and embryo sales primarily of Brahman cattle and other breeds that complement Brahman cattle. We proudly serve customers across the United States - specifically the gulf coast region - and all four hemispheres of the world to achieve their goals using Brahman genetics.

Brahman Country Genetics primarily features bulls, females and genetics from B.R. Cutrer, Inc., or other reputable herds that have been verified for quality, accuracy in performance, and bloodlines of integrity. 

Brahman Country also helps provide marketing assistance for progressive Brahman Country cooperator herds across the southern United States. Formed in 2019 by Brandon and Rachel Cutrer (BRC), Brahman Country now encompasses a unified group of progressive Brahman breeders to serve the commercial cattle industry. 

What performance data do you offer?

Performance is one of our pillars at Brahman Country. In order to participate in our Brahman Country Genetics, cattle must have the following performance information:

  • Actual birthweight, weaning weight and yearling weight measurements
  • Registered with the American Brahman Breeders Association
  • DNA verified for parentage
  • Genomically-enhanced EPDs
  • Disposition scores
  • Carcass ultrasound data preferred
  • Cow production records

What Are the EPDs in Cattle?

EPD stands for expected progeny difference. EPDs:

  • Predict what traits an animal will pass on to their offspring
  • Use performance records of the animal and its parents – such as birth, weaning, and yearling weight and environment – to determine their value
  • Help you compare value on sires, cows, and younger cattle

We’ve taken this valuable tool a step further by including the results of cattle DNA testing into the traditional EPD score. Genomic-enhanced EPDs can help you make accurate predictions about younger bulls that haven’t produced offspring yet. These advanced EPDs can increase your accuracy by over 10%.

How Can I Be A Brahman Country Cooperator?

The Brahman Country Genetics Cooperator program is designed to unify progressive-minded Brahman breeders by focusing on elite genetics backed by performance. Brahman Country cooperators must primarily utilize BRC genetics or other bloodlines approved by our BRC leadership team.  Brahman Country Cooperators benefit from marketing assistance from Ranch House Designs, exclusive semen and herd bull opportunities from BR Cutrer, and more.  We also help our cooperators market and sell their cattle through the Brahman Country sales. To inquire about being a Brahman Country cooperator, email office@brcutrer.com

We do not guarantee specific results when used in reverse sorting, but are happy to share any data we have regarding past performance of our semen.

Semen Questions

How Do I Order Semen?

If you know what bulls you want, you can simply email office@brcutrer.com to place your order. However, we are more than happy to provide herd consultations or breeding consultations to help us best match the right bulls for your program. Get started by filling out our semen sales estimate form. We also offer on-farm herd consultations. 

Where Can You Ship Semen?

All Brahman Country Genetics bulls are collected to meet CSS standards for health export. We work with industry partners to help facilitate shipping your semen worldwide. We have experience shipping to every continent and are closely aligned with progressive industry partners in all continents to help get our elite USA Brahman genetics to your home country.

Can I Pick Up My Semen In Person?

Yes, if you are from the United States. Our semen is stored at either Brushy Creek Custom Sires in Taylor, Texas or Elgin Breeding Service in Elgin, Texas. We can provide this information to you upon purchase.

Do You Offer Sexed Semen?

We are currently sold out of our sexed semen inventory, but will be offering new sires in 2020.

Does Your Semen Reverse Sort?

We do not guarantee specific results when used in reverse sorting, but are happy to share any data we have regarding past performance of our semen

Can We Use Your Semen In IVF?

Yes. Our semen is suitable to use in IVF procedures.

How is the Semen Shipped?

Our Brahman semen is frozen semen. It is stored in liquid nitrogen and shipped in approved shippers from our semen storage facilities. Upon arrival at your ranch, it must be stored in liquid nitrogen to be preserved.
When properly stored in liquid nitrogen, the semen can be stored for years and years.

Do You Offer Volume Discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts for 50+ units, 100+ units and 200+ units.

Do You Sell Cheap Semen?

BRC and Brahman country genetics are known for providing high end Brahman semen, so our pricing is typically in line with industry standards. Our average price per straw is $50 international and $100 for use in the USA. We do from time to time offer semen at a lower price point such as $20, if a customer is willing to buy in volume or open to using a younger sire or older sire.

The BRC brand means something to people in our industry. Welcome to the family.


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